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The Solution To All Powertrain Claims

Insurance Services Provider

Powertrain Claims forensic engineering and consulting group is comprised of vehicle powertrain subject matter experts with extensive formalized education and decades of experience.  Providing 3 highly specialized and unique services for all types of powertrain claims.  From forensic field investigations to specialized research and consulting services.

Our top experts have handled over 7,000 powertrain and vehicle fire investigations of cars, trucks, heavy equipment, industrial and marine claims for the insurance and legal community.  From simple oil change claims to fuel contamination claims, blown engines, vehicle fire investigations and multi million dollar generator fires.

Powertrain Analytics   NEW!

Our Powertrain Analytics service provides the research and technical recommendations appraisers and adjusters need early with the claim process of all powertrain claims and vehicle fires.  Our powertrain claim experts typically provide within 1 business day the research and technical recommendations that are needed early within the claims process.  With recommendations on how to handle the claim, red flags to watch out for and highly specialized diagnostic concepts.   You can even elect to obtain live technical phone support for the appraiser during the field inspection.  Powertrain Analytics provides the technical assistance appraisers and adjusters have always needed.

3 Types of Services

Insurance Services Provider

Powertrain Analytics


NEW!  Pre-Inspection Research and Recommendation Service

Powertrain Analytics is the insurance industries answer to all powertrain claims and vehicle fire investigations.  Extremely effective when utilized at the start of any powertrain claim or vehicle fire claim due to their complexity, which are often confusing, misdiagnosed or fraudulent.  Never start a powertrain claim or vehicle fire investigation without a Powertrain Analytics report.

  • Engine Failure Claims
  • Fuel Contamination Claims
  • All Powertrain Claims
  • Improper Service or Repairs
  • Vehicle or Equipment Fires

Field Inspections


US Inspections and Daily Inspection Territory

The experts at Powertrain Claims have inspected over 7,000 vehicles for every type of powertrain, fuel contamination and vehicle fire claim for the insurance community.  From small improper oil change claims, to multi million dollar vehicle and generator fire claims.  It is extremely difficult to find experts as heavily educated and experienced as our team.  Daily inspections within our northeast inspection territory or major losses anywhere in the US.

  • Improper Oil Changes or Service Claims
  • Improper Repair Claims
  • Fuel Contamination Claims
  • Engine Failure Claims
  • Fire Investigations

File Review or Consultation


Complex Powertrain or Vehicle Fire File Review

We draw on expertise of powertrain technologies, powertrain failure analysis and over 7,000 insurance industry powertrain and vehicle fire claim investigations.  To provide the highest level of file review, research and technical recommendations that can be readily understood by non-technical individuals.  Upload any service or repair orders with the claim assignment, and we will do the rest.

  • Engine Failure Claims
  • Transmission Failure Claims
  • Improper Repair or Service Claims
  • Fuel Contamination Claims
  • Vehicle Fire Claims